Access Events


Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in our events this year. We were so fortunate to meet our new members and of course reconnect with our longstnading supporters of the program. We are looking forward to what 2023 brings!


Each year, the New York State Troopers PBA, through the State Trooper Surgeons Program, honors the medical professionals and community members who have been instrumental in saving or improving the lives of NYS Troopers or their family members.  You might join us on the rooftop of Manhattan Motorcars, or receive an award at one of your city's finest restaurants.  Either way, Award Mixers allow the NYS Troopers PBA to say thank you to those who go above and beyond for NYS Troopers.  To honor them, we've held State Trooper Surgeon Award Mixers throughout New York State, including Long Island, Buffalo, NYC and Saratoga Springs.  These events bring a large number of Troopers and Doctors together, helping everyone in attendance understand the true value of the State Trooper Surgeon program.  It's a great opportunity to recognize truly heroic acts of our physicians, and it's a fun way to build long lasting relationships.


We host Specialized Live Firearms Trainings for our Medical Providers.  Each member has 1 opportunity to experience F6 Labs, the premier firearms center in NYS (Our Members may choose to become a Student of F6 if they want to continue their training.)  This event has had consistent, positive feedback, boasting access to some of the best firearms instructors in the world.  Participants have hands-on training, shooting live rounds into a video-sequenced training screen.  It's a real experience leaving most with a better understanding of the difficult job that law enforcement officers have.  Note that participants do not need a pistol permit to take part in training, as this facility is a school, not a club.  Expect more information via email, as dates are periodically announced.


We couldn't have successful patient movement; i.e. getting our patients to the right doctors at the right time, without the communication systems we've established with our partner hospitals. Seen above, Executive from Westchester Oral and Maxillofacial Associats receives the PBA's Doctor Chandler Award from Tom Mungeer, President of the NYS Troopers PBA and Charlie Murphy, Executive Board Member at our Awards Mixer in NYC.