Healthcare Navigation Program

The NYSTPBA's Healthcare Navigation Program helps Troopers, retired Troopers and their immediate family members obtain access to the best possible medical options. Our mission is simple, to improve access to superior health care options for our members.

Our State Trooper Surgeons program has established relationships and communication protocols with nearly every hospital in New York. Over 3,600 medical providers have partnered with us to ensure that we meet our mission.  Together, we strive to help Troopers remain healthy while on the job and ease family stress when there is a need to access healthcare.

The medical professionals who join the PBA as State Trooper Surgeons, as well as the hospitals who become Preferred Medical Partners, do so because they care about New York State Troopers. They are an invaluable resource and true part of our team.

All Troopers and immediate family members have access to this service. They may reach out directly or complete the Executive Care Intake Form online. The State Trooper Surgeon team works to understand the needs of our members and will contact our member providers and/or hospital liaisons to then offer medical options to resolve illness or injury as quickly as possible.

Thank you to all of our providers and hospital partners who work with us to help keep our Troopers and their family members healthy!